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01.10.2021 18:56
Top 10 Diamond Company in India Antworten

To complement a woman’s beauty, Diamond is the most sparkling gemstone. Do you know which Diamond company in India contributes the most to enhancing women’s beauty? If not, this blog will be telling you about which diamond company has the highest turnover of the year and how Indian diamond companies are growing and recognized all over the world.
Commonly known as the symbol of love, the Diamond is considered the most precious stone in the world. However, it is the hardest natural material and needs to be cut delicately. Every woman loves to wear and flaunt Diamonds. Be it Marilyn Moore or Sushmita Sen, they all have worn big Diamonds in their fingers. But beyond craving to wear a beautiful diamond ring or necklace, a few people are curious to know the facts about Diamond company in India that articulate them beautifully in contemporary designs.
There are two types of industries involved in Diamond. Both deals in different grade such as-
• Gem-grade Diamond
• Industrial-grade Diamond
India proudly holds 23 diamond mines, out of 38 all over the world, which are located in Golconda and is considered as the ‘Diamond Capital’ of ancient time. There are 10 diamond manufacturing companies in India that drool over this precious stone to revamp its beauty. Let’s check out which diamond company in India has the highest annual turnover in the last few years and is supposed to meet expectations.

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