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Biographie Blister machines are special machines that are used as unit-dose packaging for tablets, capsules, etc. The device has a ; component of a bubble pack that may be a cavity or pocket made up of a formable film, usually a thermoformed plastic or cold-formed aluminum film. This usually features a lidding seal of aluminum foil.

In other words, this is an electromechanical machine that has both moving and stationary parts that aid in packaging and sealing products in pre-formed cavities.

The mechanical movements facilitate the formation of sized cavities on packaging material, filling, and sealing with appropriate materials.

Using different packaging materials and principles of forming, Blister Packs could also be divided into three types: aluminum/plastic (thermoforming) bubble pack, aluminum/aluminum (cold forming) bubble pack, and aluminum/plastic/aluminum bubble pack.

Advantages :

If you are in food, drugs, or chemical industries, chances are you may not be sure whether to buy a blister packaging machine or not. To make things crystal clear, here are the top benefits of using a blister packaging machine:

1. Guarantees product integrity: At this point, you can tell that this blister packing is used for very sensitive applications. They include food and drug industries. Blister packs provide an air-tight seal to the products. They won’t be exposed to moisture nor air. ; In doing so, the end product will retain its quality.

2. Tamper proof: Lister packages cannot be interfered with by any external physical forces. This also goes a long way in preserving the integrity of the pills and capsules.

3. Cost-effective: Blister packaging can save you a significant amount of money, especially when you want to cut down on the cost of packing capsules and pills. It is cheaper than plastic packaging.

4. Accurate dosage: Since the pills and tablets are in their designated packages, maintaining the accuracy of the dosage won’t be a challenge in any way. It will be easy for one to keep track of the drug dosage.

5. Improves identification: As we have stated, labeling is one of the activities that are highlighted by the blister packing machine process. It ensures that the products are easily identified by their names among other information.


Tissue Machine

Due to the constant increase in demand, tissue paper together with packaging products are promising sectors in the paper industry. Tissue paper making involves huge machinery industrially. ;

In the tissue machines, there are four main types of forming sections - a crescent former, twin-wire, suction breast roll, and Fourdrinier. The most common forming section for tissue grades, nowadays is the crescent former, as it provides a superior ability to run at high speeds. The twin-wire promotes efficient dewatering and good control of fiber orientation. The dewatering is controlled by suction in a suction breast roll former so that the water is drained from the space between the wire and the top of the headbox. In Fourdrinier, dewatering happens in a single direction through the web by suction and gravity and is limited in speed.

To increase the consistency to the range of 15% to 25%, vacuum systems, such as suction boxes or suction rolls, are usually used. The creping process is a very important step for the production of tissue products with higher bulk, absorbency, softness, and stretch.

To decrease limitations in tissue machine speed caused by variable crepe in the TAD process at higher speeds, UCTAD was developed. Similarly, DRC was developed to produce a product that is similar to a two-ply product from a single tissue sheet. In the early 2000s, ATMOS was developed. The goal of this energy-efficient process was to use mechanical means to dewater the sheet to 34% to 38%, before contact with Yankee. To overcome some of the limitations of ATMOS, NTT was designed by pressing at even higher pressures before transferring to Yankee. Before transferring to the Yankee, initial production has indicated the ability to achieve 45% consistency, which has reduced the Yankee Hood drying load as compared to ATMOS.

Paper Box Forming Machine

These Paper Box Forming Machines have no minimal output; you can make short runs or even single boxes as and when you need them. A good machine will allow the creation of a massive variety of different carboard boxes, require no training to operate, and be much smaller than a standard, industry-grade box-making machine.

Logistical Benefits

The logistics of delivering products is complex even for large, established businesses that have the warehouse space for shelves of cardboard boxing. This is ten times harder as an SMB, as you may have less predictable sales and demand, particularly when you have less space for storing packaging that’ll be needed at some point in the future.

Making custom boxes on demand reduces the warehouse space needed to store packaging. The reduced size of a box-making machine designed for smaller businesses means that this space isn’t simply filled by the machinery; you can continue to grow your business without being limited by storage space.

It also means that those one-off sales or products in low demand can be sent off to the customer without first having to source appropriate packaging. There’s no packaging company in the middle of your trade, so the process of sale to product delivery isn’t slowed down and your customer is kept happy.

Money-Saving Benefits

When you can create bespoke boxes that fit your product perfectly, there’s no need for extra padding, such as packing peanuts. This small reduction can make a massive difference to the cost of packaging, particularly in the long run. You’ll also no longer be buying (and hoarding) boxes that you may not use, waiting for the moment that you need to send something of the right size.

Creating your own boxes saves money as it cuts out the middleman. Simply put: it’s cheaper to make your own than to buy. On average, it takes around 18 months to see return on investment from a box making machine, with companies seeing savings of at least 30% on their box packaging expenses.

Environmental Benefits

While saving money is likely to be a higher priority that being environmentally friendly, as a business owner, your environmental responsibility is bound to be in your mind. Saving money and reducing your carbon footprint often come hand in hand.

Linkage Production Line

Linkage Production Line is suitable for the cosmetics industry of medicine and food machine and carries on strip bag packaging for granule, water pill, viscous and semi-viscous liquid. ; It is applicable for water and air spray washing alternately the B type is easily broken retort ampoule, hot air laminar dry and sterilize, multiple needle filling and sealing.

The whole machine is under PLC control, it can be linked controlled, and it can be operated with single machine. The working state of each position can be automatically supervised, and it is displayed by light pole, or by man-machine interface. In the clean room, detector may be mounted for site supervision, and automation control level is high. This machine have PC automatic checking function, once the machine is failed, it can shut down the machine immediately and display the failure position and display troubleshooting for easy repair. The vertical ultrasonic wave washing machine is designed with over-load protection device, once the main shaft is over-load, it will shut down the machine immediately. On the washing control cabinet, there are lights feedback the working states of the filling machine and visual talking, or man-machine interface display and control. The operator can know the working state in the cleaning room at any time. ;

Machinery Showroom

Despite the initial up-front costs of implementing an in-house machine shop, more and more companies are discovering the the long list of advantages Machinery Showroom can offer. When you combine the cost-effectiveness with the productivity gains, in-housing your machine shop simply makes sense. ;

1. Less Waste

You can reduce your throw-away casting quantity significantly by bringing your machining in-house. You can reduce your waste from both machining a bad cast entirely, and by machining a good cast poorly or incorrectly. 
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