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Biographie The growth of the eyewear market is expected to be stimulated by an increase in the number of visual defects and increased awareness of eye exams. The rise in the number of ophthalmic disorders such as myopia, presbyopia, and hypermetropia among the elderly is a major driver of the eyewear market’s expansion. Visual disorders affect a large percentage of the population in developing countries like India, Brazil, and Mexico, and are mostly undetected and uncorrected. As a result, these economies’ governments and private companies are launching eye-care marketing programs, which are expected to fuel the eyewear industry even further. Increased demand for eyewear has resulted from rising visual impairment and the need for vision correction. The younger generation is increasingly reliant on digital devices, spending the majority of their time on cell phones, desktop computers, and video games. Furthermore, health issues such as diabetes impair people’s vision, resulting in blindness. 
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